Crystal Profile: Grape Agate

Crystal Profile: Grape Agate

Posted by Chris Colvin on Nov 17th 2022

Grape Agate is a very popular crystal in 2022 and is expected to remain that way through 2023.

Despite the trade name of Grape Agate, this is actually a botryoidal form of Chalcedony. This simply means that it forms in bubble like shapes. Chalcedony isn't even it's own mineral group, but is part of the Quartz family.

To keep it simple, we will just call it Grape Agate as most people do for the remainder of this post.

Grape Agate has a striking deep purple color and can also be lighter purple depending on what you prefer to have on display or other personal uses. 

There is only one place on the entire planet as of the writing of this article that Grape Agate is found. That place is West Sulawesi, Indonesia. There have been reports of it being found West of the Green River in Utah, but the author of this paper can't find significant references to corroborate this single report.

In addition to just having a beautiful specimen to display in your collection, this variation of Quartz has also found its way into eclectic circles. Some people who use this for spiritual guidance say that it helps them with intuition, wisdom, calmness, and assists in the interpretation of dreams. 

Regardless of which way you plan on using this mineral either for display or spiritual reasons, rest assured you're getting one of the most beautiful purple crystals out there. 

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