Displaying Your Collection Of Meteorites Minerals and Fossils

Displaying Your Collection Of Meteorites Minerals and Fossils

Posted by Chris Colvin on Aug 28th 2022

Meteorite and Mineral Displays are Important!

So you've acquired some beautiful natural rocks and minerals, but what now?

There are a few options and unfortunately one of the most common ones is to shove them in a box after appreciating your new acquisition for a few minutes and tucking it away until you feel like looking at them again.

This isn't really a great way to store or show off your hobby and to see something you invested your hard earned money into.

Display cases don't have to be expensive, tall, and heavy pieces of furnature. You can get some beautiful display cases from the Michaels Arts and Crafts store. They are usually advertised as football or baseball display cases, but the small plastic stand on the bottom is taped on and is easily removed. I personally have one of these upstairs displaying five meteorites and four mineral specimens. 

The next option you have is to browse Ikea. They have tall, modern looking display cases that are pre-lit and would showcase any collection beautifully. 

Finally, if you want to get creative, you can always go check out the "refurbished antique" stores. I got a stunning display case from there that has a curved glass door on the front, and glass on the sides with wooden framing and shelves... all for $100. It really was a steal!

When it comes to putting these precious minerals, meteorites, and ancient fossils into the cases, they don't always stand up the way you want. This is when something like a meteorite display stand (or mineral display stand) comes in handy! 

These come in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors. The most common colors are clear and white, but here at C3 Meteorites and Minerals, we can custom design stands in any shape, color, or other requirement you may have. 

Display stands help keep your case in good condition too. This applies particularly to cases with glass shelves. If minerals or meteorites are put directly on the glass shelving it can scratch them very easily. Worse yet, if you use the glass sides to prop up your specimens, this is asking for disaster! I've personally seen a multi-thousand dollar collection end up on a floor because the owner didn't take the care to not put too much pressure on one side of his case.

As we've always said, we strive to make budget collecting easily accessible to everyone regardless of age or income. Displaying your pieces shouldn't be any different. For your first display case, you can buy the football display case from Michaels, use the daily 40% off coupon, and get the case for about $40 USD. Combine that with our high quality and affordable mineral display stands and you can be proudly displaying your collection for around $50 USD!

If you have any further questions about displaying your collection or have some other ideas on how to display a collection, give us a shout and we'd be happy to help