How do I Start a Meteorite or Mineral Collection?

How do I Start a Meteorite or Mineral Collection?

Posted by Chris Colvin on Aug 19th 2022

Meteorite and Mineral collecting can be intimidating!

This is the question all of us have asked ourselves multiple times before we finally took the leap into this fascinating and educational hobby. 

Maybe we've collected for some time now, maybe we're interested in upgrading our collection with larger specimens, or just adding that rare rock, mineral, or meteorite we've been looking at for weeks or months now.

If you want to know more about starting out on the right foot, then read on!

Many of us have limited budgets and that can make collecting the rare specimens seem unachievable. For meteorite collectors, that may mean finally adding that Lunar or Martian meteorite to their display case. For mineral collectors, this could be that perfectly double terminated Aquamarine from Madagascar. 

If you like fun or super contrasting minerals together, check out this picture of Black Tourmaline and Garnet together from Shiger, Pakistan!

Here are a few tips on starting out with a limited budget of any kind:

1: Don't buy a specimen just to spend your money. If you want something more spendy, just save the $25 you have until next paycheck and then add another $25 to it. Saving your money can be extremely difficult when you see lots of meteorites or minerals that you want... but if small specimens don't do it for you, don't spend the money! Save up until you can buy what you truly want.

2: Decide what you want to collect. With Meteorites this is especially difficult. There are so many types, locations, and specimens that are locked up in museums or inside personal collections that would take very deep pockets to get them out of. Whether you decide to collect meteorites from your home state, or fluorite from a specific mine or region, try to stick with it. The number one reason people get bored with a meteorite and mineral collection or run low on funds to buy what they truly want is because they buy everything and don't focus on what they truly want to collect. Another important reason to focus the collection is for resale later on if you decide to upgrade a mineral or meteorite specimen, or sell off the collection. Instead of having to find a bunch of buyers, you can find one buyer or a few to purchase your collection and they will know what they're getting. Not just a mishmash of things.

3: Once you have figured out your budget from #1 and what you want to focus your collection on for #2, stick to the budget and the focus of the collection. The last thing you would need is to overspend on some rocks and then not be able to pay your cell phone bill, credit card bill, or worse. No specimen of any kind is worth going into debt for. Never forget this. I've personally seen people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on meteorites and minerals and ask to return them only days later because they can't afford bills that month. Something to keep in mind...

4: Find someone knowledgable to help answer questions or help guide you along the way while you're building the collection. There are many auction sites with either fake stones, or people selling for extremely inflated prices. When first starting out, it may be difficult to spot a fake meteorite or mineral, or to identify prices that are way higher than any respectable business would charge.

5: Keep labels, specimen ID cards, and anything that helps you identify the meteorite or mineral in your collection. You may know what it is when its shiny and new, but the once your collection grows you may begin to wonder what that meteorite is, or what location/mine that Garnet came from. Keep labels and keep them organized in such a way that you can always identify what you have.

6: Just have fun with it! If you decide to collect fluorite from Ohio, Chondrite or Iron meteorites, fossils... whatever it may be, just enjoy it! It's fine to get a random specimen on occasion that makes you happy. There is always something to learn from someone, and someone who is willing to share years of knowledge and collecting experience. 

I hope these few tips gave you some idea of where to start when it comes to building a collection! If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out to us at, and follow us on Instagram!

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