Top Five Minerals To Start Your Collection

Top Five Minerals To Start Your Collection

Posted by Chris Colvin on Aug 24th 2022

We just posted another blog about starting a meteorite and mineral collection, but still received some questions in our inbox. The most common question so far: "But what do I buy?" 

To help answer some this question, we will give you the top five best minerals to start a collection with!

We will count down to the
number one spot for the mineral we believe is the one we believe belongs in every mineral collection!

5: Quartz

Quartz Crystal Clusters are by far some of the most affordable specimens on the market. This doesn't mean they lack anything in beauty! Quartz is a fairly hard mineral. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. This means that unless you have another mineral with a greater hardness nearby rubbing on it, it will stay in the condition you purchased it in! Don't pass up an opportunity to grab one of our Quartz Crystal Clusters from the Blanchard Mine in New Mexico.

4: Amethyst

Amethyst is a variation of Quartz that exhibits a dark purple color. It comes in all sorts of forms such as clusters, small geodes, spears/scepters, and the more expensive form is a large geode called a cathedral. If you already have a regular Quartz cluster, definitely consider adding an Amethyst to the collection!

3: Fluorite

There can't be any argument that Fluorite doesn't belong on any list of minerals you should collect as a beginner. The shape is very distinct and the variations in color is absolutely mesmerizing. You can find the usual purple Fluorite that is found in many locations, gold/yellow tinged Fluorite from Pakistan, Brown Clay Center Fluorite that fluoresces under Ultraviolet light from Ohio... the possibilities only go on

2: Garnet

This was a tough decision putting it in the number two spot rather than the number one spot. Garnet is the January birthstone, and is commonly found cut into incredible faceted gemstones. When people think of Garnet, typically the first thought that comes to mind is that they are red. Garnet actually comes in many natural colors from red, orange, pink, green, black, and brown. If you're looking for a nice mineral that can be turned into something beautiful, Garnet would be an excellent addition to your collection!

1: Azurite

Azurite is an absolutely stunning mineral that is light and dark blue. This is the perfect mineral to add to any collection to get some color to it that would contrast the Garnets and Fluorites. Until you see one of these, you can't imagine the color of blue that these are, and the shades that it can produce. We have some Azurite on Quartz specimens from Chihuahua, Mexico in our store for your browsing pleasure. 

All of the minerals above will give you a good starting basis to your collection while also sticking to our own advice of picking one or two of these and sticking to a similar mineral group, or keeping things in budget. If you decide to get all of them, then you'll be starting with a beautiful assortment of color to display proudly on a shelf or desk.

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