Cutting, Trimming, and Polishing

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C3 Meteorites and Minerals is proud to offer our slicing and polishing service to collectors and hobbyists of all levels at budget friendly prices!

All slicing is performed on either an 8" or 6" lapidary saws with diamond blades to ensure the cleanest and most accurate cuts possible.

Pricing for cutting stony meteorites is $0.40/gram of total final weight of finished slices and end cuts. This includes polishing to 800 grit and then a final finish on a polishing pad with diamond paste to really make your specimen shine! To cut irons in this method, it will cost $0.80/g. if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, we would be happy to refer you to someone.

If only cutting is required and no additional finishing is requested, the price is $0.20/g and allows you to finish to your specific requirements.

Cutting/slabbing/trimming of minerals will be charged based on the mineral or fossil being worked on. Soft minerals (Amber, Lapis Lazuli) each cut will be $2.50. Moderate hardness (Labridorite, Jasper,) Cost per cut is $3.50. Hard minerals (Quartz, Agates,) will cost $5 per cut.

All geode splitting is a flat fee of $15 per geode regardless of what is inside and includes polishing of the rim.

Trimming of fossils in the matrix is a flat rate of $12 per finished specimen. No additional prep work is included.

A $25 minimum applies to all orders.